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Vengeful Will Crystal Cluster

ModBlood Magic
TypeSolid block

The Vengeful Will Crystal Cluster is a device added by Blood Magic for Minecraft 1.8.9 and above. It is used for growing Vengeful Will Crystals by draining Aura in the chunk from a Demon Crucible. Prior to 1.12.2, a default Raw Will Aura has a 2.5% chance of creating a new Vengeful Will Crystal Cluster inside a Demon Crystillizer, while a Vengeful Will Aura has a 100% chance. Vengeful Aura or Raw Aura can be used to grow the cluster to 7 crystals, however Raw Aura has a significant delay in growth speed. The cluster can be placed on any direction of most blocks, or inside a Demon Crystillizer.

In 1.12.2 and above, Vengeful Will Crystal Clusters (along with the other non-standard Will Clusters) can only be produced via the Resonance of the Faceted Crystal Ritual.

A Vengeful Will Crystal Cluster can be broken with a pickaxe, yielding one Vengeful Will Crystal per crystal. A single crystal can also be harvested by right clicking with an empty hand while holding a Tartaric Gem with over 1024 Raw Will total across gems. Right clicking will not remove the last crystal in the cluster.


Note: Requires minimum 1200 Raw Will and will drain 100 Raw Will on crafting.