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TypeSolid block

The Vat is a functional block added by Mariculture. The Vat is used in Mariculture to make a variety of Items, Fluids, and Blocks.



The Vat can be constructed as a single block capable of storing 6,000mB or as a 2x2 multiblock able to store up to 30,000mB. The multiblock is made like so using 4 Vat blocks:

The complete Multiblock will look like this:

Vat Multiblock.png


The Vat does not have a GUI, however recipes can be shown in NEI. The Vat can take up to 2 Liquids and 1 Item as inputs, and can output 1 Fluid and 1 Item. Fluids can be inserted and extracted from the Vat in a manner of different ways, but the most common way is using an Empty Bottle, which can carry twice that of a Bucket (2,000mB). An example of a recipe made from the Vat would be Polished Logs, this is how the recipe looks like in Just Enough Items:

The following recipe takes 45 seconds to complete.

Liquid Fish Oil.png