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Vanity Tweaks

The Vanity module of Quark adds various Tweaks.

The Tweaks

  • Dyable Elytra: Elytras are dyable.
  • Boat Sails: right-clicking a Boat with a Banner adds it as a sail, for decoration.
  • Stair Chairs: right-clicking Stairs with an empty hand with seat the player.
  • Firework Duplication: Firework Rockets can be copied via crafting a blank Firework Rocket with a configured Firework Rocket.
  • Emotes: in the corner of the chat is an "Emotes" button. They can be pressed to show emotion.
  • Panorama Maker: holding CTRL+SHIFT (or CMD+SHIFT on macOS) while taking a screenshot will creating 6 screenshots, designed for the main menu. Additionally, the folder "main_menu" in the screenshots folder will override the main menu's panorama. Moved to the Misc module in version r1.2-75.


"name" = ""Navbox Quark"" "state" = ""plain""