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This page is about the Vampire mob from Witchery. For other uses, see Vampirism.

The Vampire is a mob that the player can sire in Witchery. They do not spawn naturally; they must be sired by a level 9 vampire or higher.


First, they die in the sun. When they reach level 5, they will be granted the Resist Sun ability, which allows them to survive for slightly longer in the sun. When they reach level 10, they will be able to use the Call Storm ability to initiate rain in order to prevent sun deaths during the daytime.

Second, vampires cannot safely be near Garlic Garlands, as they are allergic to garlic. Non-player vampires will simply not be able to be near the garlands, while player vampires will burn on collision.

Lastly, death protection and vampiric poppets, and fire resistance, do not work for vampires.


Along with the many abilities granted through the vampire quests and their weaknesses, vampires have several strengths.

First, vampires deal increasingly stronger attacks as they advance through the quests. This is paired with an increased resistance to damage dealt by anything but fire, the sun, other vampires, werewolves, and other immensely powerful beings. Because of this, they cannot usually be killed by anything but fire or magic.

Second, they are immune to poison and Disease.

Third, vampires do not lose hunger. Instead, their hunger is replaced by their thirst for Blood. As such, the blood pool will drain slightly when they would normally lose hunger. Furthermore, eating food often causes extreme hunger. When there is no blood in the player's blood pool and they lose hunger, they will get weakness and slowness debuffs.