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ModDeep Resonance
Tooltip textThis machine will transfer fluids from the upper tank to a tank below if the fluid matches certain conditions
This page is about the Valve from Deep Resonance. For other uses, see Valve.

The Valve is a machine added by Deep Resonance. It needs to be placed with a Tank above it and another below it.

When all attributes of Resonating Crystal Liquid contained in the Tank above it go above a certain treshold, it will be transferred to the bottom Tank at a rate of 100 mB every 5 ticks. The Valve's UI can be opened by right clicking it, which allow the player to change the tresholds for RCL Purity, Strength and Efficiency, how the Valve reacts to redstone signals (ignore, disable when on, disable when off) as well as the maximum of RCL to keep in the bottom Tank.


Deep Resonance Manual entry

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The valve is an advanced filter that can measure various attributes of the RCL liquid in a tank above it and if these attributes are better then specific values it will move liquid to the bottom tank. Using the valve you can make a purifier setup using a single purifier where you loop the RCL back through the same tank and then use the valve to extract the liquid when it has sufficient purity. The valve can also make sure the bottom tank has not more then a certain amount of RCL liquid in it.
Deep Resonance Manual