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Vacuum Itemduct

ModThermal Dynamics

The Vacuum Itemduct is a block from Thermal Dynamics used to transport items. It is a variant of the Itemduct, used to alter item transport logic. Items that enter Itemduct attempt to take the shortest path to the nearest valid inventory they can enter. Vacuum Itemducts are treated as being -1000 blocks long for this logic As such, any path that contains a Vacuum Itemduct will be among the first valid paths an item considers when it enters an Itemduct, and items will ignore other paths until the path containing the Vacuum Itemduct is no longer valid. Note that while pathfinding logic treats a Vacuum Itemduct as being -1000 blocks long, items do not take less time to travel through them.


Vacuum Itemducts can be crafted from standard, Impulse, and Warp Itemducts. They cannot be crafted from Fluctuating Itemducts.