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VPN Tool

ModCloud Storage

The VPN Tool is an item from the Cloud Storage mod. This tool allows machines to interact with a user's cloud network. There are eight different modes, which can be toggled by using the tool on an air block (nothing). Modes can be used by sneak-using the VPN Tool on a block side. The modes include Nothing, Extract items, Insert items, Extract RF, Insert RF, Extract EU, Insert EU, and Insert MJ. The Nothing mode will stop all effects. Extract items will put anything that can be taken out of that side into the cloud. Insert items will put any particular item into that side of the machine from the cloud. When this mode is used, a GUI will appear that can be used to choose the items to filter. Extract RF will extract Redstone Flux from Energy Cells. The cloud can store a very large amount of RF. The side of the Energy Cell must be set to output mode. Insert RF will power the machine with RF. Extract EU will take EU from BatBoxes, MFEs, MFSUs, and CESUs. The cloud can store a very large amount of EU. It will work on any side of the blocks. Insert EU will send EU based on the machine's maximum EU/tick. If you apply the mode on more than one side of the machine, it will explode. Insert MJ will convert EU or RF to MJ, and then power a machine with the MJ.


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