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I'm SatanicSanta, or Santa. I was invited onto the FTB Wiki Team on 26 August, 2013, which is one week after I registered my account. I was put onto the team 15 September, 2013. I am a computer programmer, mainly in the Java and Ruby languages. I have been playing Minecraft since Alpha, and have been playing modded Minecraft since the release of BuildCraft, Summer of 2011.

You can read about my "career" as a mod author at SatanicSanta.

Role on the Wiki

Logo ftb alt.png FTB Wiki Admin

Arcane Scrolls Curator

OpenBlocks Curator

Modicon railcraft.png

Railcraft Curator

Modicon Witchery.png

Witchery Curator

Twilight Forest Curator

Flaxbeard's Steam Power Curator

Freedom Curator

I do a wide variety of things here on the wiki:

  • Administrative and bureaucratic tasks, which are quite boring to describe so I'll spare you that
  • Develop two of our main extensions, Tilesheets and OreDict, which are responsible for all game icons and crafting grids you see on just about every page, as well as a small extension called HeaderCount. You won't care about this unless you have dealt with "issue counts" on noticeboards.
  • Work on creating and fixing content here on the wiki. I spend my time finding mods that haven't been documented, here or elsewhere, and figure them out myself. I maintain the Arcane Scrolls, OpenBlocks, Railcraft, Twilight Forest, Witchery, and the mods I develop, here on the wiki. If you notice any errors, please leave me a message on my talk page, the FTB Forums, or hop on IRC and ping me (say my full name).
  • Maintenance
  • Develop software to help ease the editing of the wiki
  • Translate pages to Spanish, and sometimes translate to Tagalog. The Spanish I speak is Nicañol, or Nicaraguan Spanish, so my translations will be using that dialect (es-ni).
  • Elected representative of the wiki for the FTB Core Team


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1 TheSatanicSanta (talk | contribs) 170834

My subpages

See also: SatanicSantaUser talk:TheSatanicSanta and Special:Contributions/TheSatanicSanta

This is the best video ever


This section is a more in-depth explanation of contacting me.


I will probably not respond to communications via the the forums.



I try to be in the following channels:

  • #BTM
  • #buildcraft
  • #ChickenBones
  • +#dmodtest
  • #ForgeGradle
  • +#FTB
  • @#FTB-Wiki
  • @#FTB-Wiki-Dev
  • +#FTB-Wiki-recentchanges
  • #GregTech
  • #gt-dev
  • #iChun
  • #Industrial-Craft
  • #iPixeli
  • +#Kihira
  • #kirara
  • #LoveHeals
  • #Magneticraft
  • #minecraftforge
  • #MobiusStrip
  • +#NotEnoughMods
  • #railcraft
  • #Razz
  • #RotaryCraft
  • @#SatanicSanta
  • #squeek
  • #StevesCarts2
  • #stopmodreposts
  • +#TestPackPleaseIgnore
  • @#TheSteamTank
  • #treecapitator
  • #vazkii
  • #witchery

+ and @ prefixes are not part of the channel name. A + prefix indicates that I am voiced in that channel, and a @ prefix for op.

The best channels to contact me are the ones that I am OP'd or voiced in, especially #SatanicSanta, #TheSteamTank, and #FTB-Wiki. If I am not responding, ping me (say my full nickname, as seen in the userlist). I use various nicknames. The nicknames that are grouped to my NickServ account are as follows:

  • SatanicSanta: I'm currently just chilling.
  • Santa|afk: I'm AFK.


I will respond to every single message posted on my user talk page.