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Beginners Guide to Thaumcraft 5

What you will need to start off:

Keep in mind, all of these items are the MINIMAL you need to start Thaumcraft.

Your Wand: The first item you'll want to create is your wand. Though very easy to make, the Iron Capped Wooden Wand is by far the weakest wand out there. Here is how to craft it:

First you will want 2 Iron Ingots and turn them into Iron Nuggets like so:

Using the nuggets we just got (18 in total) we will only be using 10 of them to create our wands caps like so:

Using 2 caps (along with a stick) we will create our first wand:

Congratulations! You've made your Wand! one step closer to being a Thaumaturge!

Your Thaumonomicon:

This is the book of knowledge, no Thaumaturge worth his salts would forget his book! To make this we will be using our first wand to turn a Bookshelf into a Thaumonomicon. Simply place a Bookshelf on the ground and RIGHT-CLICK it with your wand to turn it into a Thaumonomicon. This book provides you the means to research other types of Thaumaturgy, such as Alchemy, and Artifice, as well as the Eldrich Knowledge(we will get to that in another guide)

Your Arcane Workbench:

This is where you will be crafting most of your magic items! Before you get this, you will first need a Wood Table:

This nice looking table is pretty ordinary if you ask me. So, to make it an Arcane Workbench, RIGHT-CLICK it with your wand. It should look like this:


Your wand is actually in the table (don't worry this is normal) simply open the table with RIGHT-CLICK and take your wand out.

Your Research Table: So, you've got a crafting table and a wand, but nothing to craft? Let's solve that. Remember the same table we made earlier?

Make another one and place it next to your Workbench (or wherever pleases you, it's not required)

Now you'll need 3 more things. a Glass Phial, an Ink Sac, and a Feather. using those 3, you need to craft Scribing Tools:

Now simply RIGHT-CLICK the new table with the scribing tools and it should look like this:


Now you can start researching objects!