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About Me

I'm sokratis12GR aka Sokratis Fotkatzikis, a 20 years old student and an assistant professor of Discrete Mathematics who enjoys coding, art and nature.
I'm also a big fan of RPG/Open World/Strategy video games, with favourites being Rocket League and Path of Exile but I also play a lot of other side games whenever I have some additional free time.
My entire steam library: sokratis12GR's Steam.

Did you know I also happen to have a modder's wiki page, aint it awesome! Here is the link for the page: sokratis12GR.

Now here are some of my current goals, dreams and hopes:

  1. Earn my CS & IT bachelor's and master's degrees. (2023-2024)
  2. Actually release a game for a change rather than making prototypes that I'll abandon later on. (working on it)
  3. On the minecraft modding scene, I still have quite a few ideas, plans and goals for mods like ArmorPlus (~5 expansions in the works for 1.16+)
  4. Travel around the world, learn about different cultures, traditions and their unique way of life.

My personal website | Sokratis Fotkatzikis

I'm now known as SoFoDev & sokratis12GR

I was formerly a member and one of the founders of TheDragonTeam

ArmorPlus Curator

This page is my Main Wiki Page.

My Bots

Looker Discord Bot | SokratisBot | Sofobot

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You may contact with me via the following ways.

Currently the most efficient way to contact me is by joining in my discord server: ArmorPlus Community Server.

Previously you could've contacted me via #FTB-Wikiconnect were I used to spend most of my time, but that was years ago.

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I no longer use IRC


I could also be found on the Feed the Beast Reddit Forums With my username: sokratis12GR


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