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Compact Claustrophobia Curator

Hi, I'm SizableShrimp. I work on the FTB Wiki from time to time. My schedule is generally open due to COVID-19, but there are times where I am busy with other things. I am the main curator for Compact Claustrophobia, but I edit a variety of things. I like using jwiki to automate things with my bot account, User:Sizableshrimp2. Currently, this bot only runs at will when I run something with jwiki. I enjoy Modded Minecraft along with programming. Some of my first programming experiences were with Minecraft Plugins/Java, and now I am learning modding as well. You can find ways to contact me on my User Profile, my Discord is SizableShrimp#0755.

Current projects

I am currently developing a mod for Compact Claustrophobia to help with tedious administrative tasks and command shortcuts for better user experience. I also maintain DiscordIntegration, although I haven't actually updated it yet.

Motivation for editing

One of the reasons I enjoy working on FTB Wiki is because I like making information available to others and dislike when misinformation is created because of lack of info on a subject. I also enjoy writing and making sure my English is good, for the most part. I also enjoy FTB Wiki because it allows me to document Minecraft Mods and Modpacks that I love playing or working with. I like tinkering with programming, which is part of the reason I help out with Lua Modules and use jwiki occasionally.


I enjoy programming, reading, swimming, learning, and making information available to others. I started my programming journey with Python, but disliked the syntax and found that I like Java because of its verbosity and statically-typed language, which I didn't actually know at the time. I felt more at ease with Java and the way it worked with my brain, along with the added bonus that I played Minecraft a lot more intensively at the time and thought it was cool to be able to make stuff that worked in the game (Minecraft Plugins). I haven't been reading as much as I used to, but I still love to read fiction/adventure novels. My favorite book series right now is The Land of Stories, a not very well known series that has a plot that I enjoyed and couldn't put down. Maybe you should check it out. Swimming is another hobby of mine that I like to do, mainly in the summer. I don't do it athletically or anything. I fortunately still have the opportunity to learn in school, although virtual learning doesn't make for the best experience. I like to find new topics to explore and learn about, which I sometimes do by going down long rabbit holes on Wikipedia articles or watching informative YouTube videos on interesting topics from creators like Half As Interesting. I make information available to others by working on this wiki. ;)

Bot stuff

I manage the bot account User:ShrimpBot. This bot account was recently renamed from Sizableshrimp2. Yay! Thanks to Fandom/Gamepedia for finally fixing their renaming system and for it actually updating the name on this wiki. Most pages linking to the old name have been updated.

Helpful pages

I have bookmarked a ton of helpful pages that I use from time to time. I might also add to this list later.