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At the FTB Wiki, we try to keep a fairly consistent tone and style across our articles. It makes the wiki easier to read. This guide page outlines the general style used in the writing of pages and articles. If other guide pages would conflict with this, this page takes precedence. Changes made to this guide should reflect the general consensus, and should be first discussed on the Staff Noticeboard.

Use common sense while following this guide. There are occasions when certain rules should be ignored.

Rules of Thumb

  • Use common sense.
  • If you need advice, ask a Staff member for advice. They are always welcome to help.
  • Do not copy content from outside sources. Originality is greatly preferred.
  • Advertising, vandalism, and spamming are strictly prohibited.
  • Articles should be simple, factual, and technical. Novels should be written elsewhere.
  • Maintain a neutral point of view and encyclopedic tone. We are here for information, not demagoguery.
  • Use Templates when appropriate. All templates have documentation to explain their usage. Most machines have their own crafting grid templates; see the Crafting Grid Guide for more information.
  • When creating an article for an item, do not list all of its uses. However, a short description of its major uses is acceptable.
  • When referencing modpacks, please use the word "modpacks" not "mod packs", "mod-packs", etc.
  • When creating pages, use categories. Every page should fit within at least one category, and may be in more than one.
  • Do not randomly create new categories; use common sense, and try to use the categories in place. If you feel a new category should be added, place a message on the article's Talk page or on the Staff Noticeboard.

Content policy


Creation of original content is by far preferable when creating articles. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Editors found to be plagiarizing will be warned for their first offense, and blocked for subsequent offenses.

Copied content that falls under fair use may be used but must be properly cited. Citations can be generated with Special:Cite.


Creation of empty pages, pages that contain nonsensical information, or pages that are blatantly and meaninglessly offensive, edits that deliberately disrupt other editors or readers, engaging in edit wars, flooding the recent changes, and creating misleading edit summaries are all considered vandalism. Editors that engage in vandalism will be warned and may be blocked. IP addresses that engage in vandalism are commonly simply blocked.

Spam and advertisement

Spamming and advertising are strictly prohibited. Editors who post pages of spam or advertisement will be permanently blocked.

Unofficial wikis

Hostility towards other wikis is not tolerated. Editors who make hostile comments about other wikis will be warned and may be blocked, and wiki staff members who do so will be suspended and blocked.

Linking to other wikis is not prohibited, if you feel that such links would contribute to the quality of the content. Interwiki links can be requested on the Project:Administrators' Noticeboard.

It is however recommended that editors only contribute to one wiki at a time, to ensure they do not inadvertently violate the copyright policies of the wikis they edit.

Article titles, headings, and sections

Article titles and section heading should reflect the content they contain. Titles and section headings should be concise and precise. Titles should be consistent with the titles of related content.

Article titles

  • Capitalize letters in a title as they would be capitalized in a sentence.
  • The first letter of a title will always be automatically capitalized.
  • Articles on items should be titled exactly as the items appear in game. If multiple mods add items of the same name, append the full mod name in parentheses to the title. (For example, Wrench (BuildCraft).
  • Do not use A, An, The as the beginning of a title, unless it is an inseparable part of a name.
  • Titles should not normally end in punctuation marks.
  • Titles should not normally contain Unicode (non-alphanumeric or punctuation) characters. They should be avoided if possible.

Section organization

Main pages: Project:Article creation guideline

An article must always start with an introductory lead section. The lead section must provide an overview of the entire article. A Table of Contents will be automatically inserted after the lead section if enough sections exist in the article.

An article that expands upon a section may be linked with {{Main}} and related articles may be linked with {{See also}}.

More information regarding the layout and order of sections can be found in the Project:Article creation guideline.

Section headers

  • Capitalize letters in headings as they would be capitalized in a sentence.
  • Do not use links for headings or section titles. Use {{Main}} or {{See also}} to link to related content.
  • Level 1 headings (= Level 1 heading =) must never be used.
  • Section headings should be unique to avoid ambiguity in automatically generated edit summaries.
  • Headings should not start with numbers or contain images. If absolutely required however, numbers may be used.

Linking to sections

Links can be created to link to specific sections by using #section name. To link to a section within the same page, use: [[#section name|]]; to link to a section on another page, use: [[Page title#section name|]]. Should a section name be repeated within an article, _2, _3 and so on will be appended to the anchor name to each subsequent appearances in the article.

To avoid links being invalidated when a linked section's name is changed, it is recommended to add a comment in the section heading. For example:

== Heading <!-- Section is linked from [[Page]] and [[Another page]] --> ==

But not:

== Heading == <!-- ... -->
<!-- ... --> == Heading ==

Text formatting

Title of works

  • A title of a work should normally be italicized, but if the surrounding text is in italics, the title should be in a normal font.
  • Titles of works should retain their capitalization regardless of other rules mentioned in this guide.


  • Quotes should not be in italics.
  • Quotes should retain any errors, marked with {{Sic}} when appropriate, case and formatting.
  • Quotes may be put in {{QuoteBox}} if long enough, or when appropriate.

Capital letters

  • Do not use capital letters for emphasis, please use italics.
Incorrect: DO NOT put your cat in the microwave.
Correct: Do not put your cat in the microwave.
  • Do not capitalize the unless it is part or a proper noun or item name, in which case you must keep the original capitalization.
Incorrect: Going into The Nether without proper gear may result in death.
Correct: Going into the Nether without proper gear may result in death.


  • If the article title appears in the lead section, it may be highlighted with bold text.
Correct: Wool is a product you get from killing or shearing sheep with shears.


  • Italics can be used to indicate emphasis.
  • Titles of works should be in italics, but if the surrounding text is in italics, the title should not be in italics.
  • Italics can be used to introduce new terms.
  • Foreign words should be in italics. However foreign proper nouns should not be in italics.
Incorrect: ... München ...
Correct: ... in absentia ...
  • Scientific names should be in italics.


  • A non-breaking space (&nbsp;) ensures that a line will not be broken at that point.
  • A number and its unit should not be on separate lines, using &nbsp; can avoid them being separated.
Correct: 10&nbsp;blocks of Sand.

Numbers and dates

  • If a number takes many words to type out, use figures instead.
Incorrect: ten thousand and fifty six;
Correct: 10,056; 1/12 one twelfth;
  • Delimit numbers over 4~5 digits with commas.
Correct: 1,234; 1234; 12,345
  • Retain in game formatting when possible.


  • Do not make up your own abbreviations.
  • If an abbreviation will be used in an article, type out both the full name and the abbreviation the first time it would be abbreviated.
Correct: ... Minecraft (MC) ...
  • Mods commonly have abbreviations to ease editing on this wiki. Mod articles should mention these abbreviations.
Correct: ... BuildCraft (referred on this wiki in templates as: BC) ...
Correct: ... BuildCraft (commonly referred as BC) ...
Correct: ... BuildCraft (BC) ...
  • Plurals can be created by appending -s or -es and possessive forms can be created by appending -'s or -'. Do not use -'s to create plurals.
  • To indicate approximately, c. is preferred over approx., ca. or circa.
  • Avoid using ampersands (&) to replace and.
Incorrect: ... Sand & Gunpowder makes TNT ...
Correct: ... Sand and Gunpowder makes TNT ...

Grammar and punctuation

Please do not contribute to the wiki without proper knowledge of English grammar. To find more information on English grammar, search "English grammar" on Google.

If you wish to contribute to the wiki but English is not your native language and you are not confident with using it, consider translating the wiki.

Wording and tone

  • Avoid double negatives.
  • Avoid using passive voice.
  • Use gender-neutral language when appropriate.
  • Avoid using an instructive or presumptuous tone. A tone that addresses the reader or author directly is considered unencyclopedic.
    • Guides may have an exception to this.
Incorrect: Note that an icon appears at the bottom right of your screen showing...
Correct: An icon at the bottom right of your screen shows...
  • Informal text should be avoided.
  • Long paragraphs and sentences should be shortened or split for clarity when appropriate.
  • Remain in a neutral point of view.
  • Use American English, such as armor rather than armour. Use British English by translating it.
    • All item names should remain in their exact spelling, even if it is incorrectly spelled, or uses non-American English.
Incorrect for American English: The ArmourPieceItem is an armour piece from that one mod.
Correct for American English: The ArmourPieceItem is an armor piece from that one mod.


Never correct grammar, spelling, or capitalization of in-game text. In-game text or item names should always be written exactly as it is in-game. This is stated several times in this manual. Instead of correcting grammar, use {{Sic}}, and consider letting the author of the content know that they have some misspellings, incorrect grammar, or capitalization issues.

  • Use modpack instead of mod pack or mod-pack.
  • Use multiblock instead of multi-block or multi block
  • When referencing the FTB Wiki Staff, use staff rather than team. This is mostly directed towards staff members.
  • Use addon instead of add-on.



  • Please create links when they are relevant to the content and helpful in context.
  • Avoid making multiple links to the same page within a single article section. Linking to the same page in multiple separates sections is appropriate.
  • Avoid linking to disambiguation pages. Check the titles before linking to them.

External linking

Please avoid using shortened URLs unless unnecessary, as they can be used to cloak URLs that point to malicious websites and possibly lead users to sites they aren't expecting to enter. If shortened links are needed, please tag their use with Template:Shortened.

Category links

  • Category links should be placed at the end of a page, but before the required final line, <languages />.
  • Please do not create new categories. If you cannot find an appropriate existing category, please post a request for a new category on the Staff Noticeboard. Redundant categories will be deleted without notice.

Disambiguation pages

  • Use unordered lists to list different definitions.
  • Use bold text on a new line to categorize different types of definitions.
  • Do not link directly to disambiguation pages. Instead, link to the appropriate article.
    • Articles with disambiguation pages should however use {{about}} to link to their own disambiguation pages.


Images should be used to complement the article's content; such images should be right aligned. Images showcasing a build related to the article should be put at the end of the page as a gallery. Step-by-step images may be included on guide articles and on articles showcasing machine builds. Images mentioned above should contain captions to describe them. Captions are sentence fragments and should start with a capital letter and end without a period.

Texture packs should never be used when obtaining screenshots. HUDs should be disabled when appropriate (default key is F1).

Images of item icons and crafting recipes should not be uploaded to the wiki. To add an item icon to the wiki tilesheets, contact Retep998 or SatanicSanta. To add a crafting recipe, use a crafting grid template. (For more information on using crafting grid templates, see the Crafting Grid Guide.)

Image file names

Image file names should be descriptive; files with misleading titles will be deleted or moved.

Naming conventions are avoided as much as possible, most of the conventions only apply to interface images.

Existing naming conventions:

Items in <> is required.
Items in [] is optional.
  • Crafting grid tank overlays: GUI tank [width] <height>.png
  • Crafting grid tank liquid: Liquid <all lowercase liquid name>.png
  • Tilesheets: Tilesheet <mod abbreviation> <tile size>.png

Copyrighted material

Please upload copyrighted material only if you are sure your use falls under fair use. Copyrighted content must be attributed on the file page unless the file is released to the public domain.


Linking to videos is heavily discouraged, and mostly not allowed. The reason for this is that the choice for the video creator may be biased, and may make the wiki look biased. Additionally, videos are often not 100% accurate, and are almost never up to date. If they are up to date, they will likely soon become outdated.

Do not use the wiki to promote channels or videos.


  • Avoid listing features of items as lists; present them with plain paragraphs when possible.
  • Do not leave a blank line between list items as the wiki will interpret them as separate lists.
  • Please add a space between the list item marker and the actual text item.
  • Prefer an ordered list over an unordered list if the sequence is critical.
  • Style and format should be consistent in a list.
*Item A

*Item B

*Item C
* Item A
* Item B
* Item C

Wiki markup styling

The wiki markup is commonly referred as wikitext. A source of an article should be clear and easy to read.

  • Use HTML markup sparingly.
  • Prefer the use of Unicode characters over HTML entities. However sometimes HTML entities are better than Unicode characters.
  • Avoid using excessive spacing.
  • An empty space between different sections may help editors identify a section break.
  • Avoid changing the font, style and color of text.
  • If a section of wiki markup syntax looks strange, leave a comment on the article's talk page.


Main pages: Project:Translation guideline
  • Translation Administrators are the only wiki users who should modify translation tags.
  • Please leave out any translation tags or elements on English pages.
  • If you are a translator, please only translate pages that are marked for translation. If no pages are available for translation, please request a page for translation on the Project:Translators' Noticeboard.
  • Language links ({{L}}) should only be used on articles marked for translation.


Main pages: Project:Template guideline

Template markup


Links in translatable templates should be changed to use the {{L}} language link template in order for it to link correctly on translated articles.


  • Every template should have a documentation unless that there exists a template that does similar things (in this case you could transclude the documentation for that template), or that the template is so simple that no documentation is needed.
  • Categorization of templates should be done on the documentation page using the Template:TC. Only if that template has no documentation can the template be categorized on the template page.

Navigation boxes

  • All content articles should contain a Navigation box (Navbox).
  • Navbox items should be separated by a bold middot: {{,}}.
  • Navigation boxes do not replace the "See Also" section.