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This Wiki primarily contains information about mods that are part of official Feed the Beast modpacks. We currently have a total of 28,214 articles on this wiki. Most of which can be used even while not using a FTB Modpack. Still a lot is missing so we would be glad if you helped to improve them!

A good starting point to explore this wiki would be Category:Mods, using the search or by having a look at our guides Category:Guides

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Current Modpacks:
1.6.4 Monster, Horizons, Magic World 2, Tech World 2, FTBLite2, Direwolf20
1.5.2 FTB Unleashed, FTB Unhinged, Direwolf20 1.5
1.4.7 FTB Ultimate, Direwolf20_Pack, MindCrack_Pack, YogCraft_Modpack, Magic World, Tech World, FTB Lite, Pax Challenge Pack
Third Party BloodNBones, MagicFarm2, New World Mod Pack, Ampz Modpack, VoxelModPack, Infamy, Magic Farm, BronyModPack, RPG Immersion Pack
Older Packs Feed_The_Beast_Beta_Pack_A
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