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Hello, I'm KnightMiner. I make several mods. So many I tend to spend more time making them than playing.


I play modded Minecraft via a custom modpack made for Minecraft 1.12.2 and occasionally play on a server known as DevCraft. When I am doing Minecraft things and not playing (which is more common), I work on several different mods, including many features on my TODO list and a start of a port to 1.14. Plus I have a new mod concept that is really great but takes effort to start. Maybe in 1.14

To do

  1. Cleanup/expand pages for mods I use
  2. Add pages for mods I use
  3. ...
  4. Expand to do list
  • Tinkers' Steelworks
    1. Deep Tank
    2. Steam
    3. Steam Turbines (not your typical turbine)
    4. Golems
    5. Steelworking and You
    6. Slabs
      • Waiting on bug fixes
    7. Add High Oven recipes to Tinkers' Construct articles
      • Waiting on Tinkers' Construct articles
  • Tinkers' Construct
    1. Liquids images
    2. Smeltery
    3. Part articles
      • Combine all?
    4. Casting
    5. Work tables
  • Chisel
    1. Cleanup multiple editions - they are all basically the same mod after all, just updating from the last one
    2. Articles on function based features - not the decoration ones
      • Things like chisels, world gen, etc.
    3. Merge chisels into one article - they are all the same except for durability/damage for the most part

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