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Auto Wiki Browser (AWB) is a semi-automatic tool that allows editors to perform mass edits. It can also be scripted to perform bot tasks and such.

Request Work

Here you can request for work(mass editing, reformatting, etc...) to be done.

AWB Logs

5/26/2013 Thaumcraft aspect template documentation (94 Edits)

  • Scope
    • Template with names containing "Ep" and without "/doc"
    • Excluding Template:Ep && Template:Ep Aer
  • Action
    • Multiple find and replace. See edit summary or logs for details.
    • Prepend text: <noinclude>{{Project:Template_documentation_project/Status|codedone|Jinbobo}}{{Project:Template_documentation_project/Status|docdone|Jinbobo}}</noinclude>
  • Status

5/18/2013 Branch rename request (49 Edits)

Original Request

  • Request:Rename for the pages of the bee branches.
    • What to do:Add " Branch" to all pages which are part of Category:Branches (move page "<Branchname>" to "<Branchname> Branch"). Redirects don't need to be left behind, I'll update Template:Bee and Bee Mutations afterwards.
    • Reason: There is a "Forestry" Branch which results in a page name conflict.
    • Example: "Frozen" to "Frozen Branch".

5/6/2013 Categorized Thaumcraft aspect templates (47 Edits)

4/29/2013 Remaned categories (9 Edits)

  • Rename: Category:Metalic and Alloys to Category:Metals and Alloys
  • Merge: Category:Metal into Category:Metal and Alloys

4/19/2013 Added navigation templates to Steve's Carts articles (142 Edits)

  • Scope
  • Search and replace
    • {{Langbar}}<!-- Steve's Carts Navigation Template -->\n{{Navbox Steve's Carts}}\n{{Langbar}}
  • Append (For 3 articles without langbars)
    • <!-- Steve's Carts Navigation Template -->\n{{Navbox Steve's Carts}}\n{{Langbar}}
  • Status
  • Comments
    • Not sure whether to collapse the navbox or not, I opted to leave it uncollapsed like the ones on the IC2 wiki, if anyone wants it changed, please notify me here.

4/17/2013 Update bee production time. (185 Edits)

  • Scope
  • Update the production times using this forumla: Math.round(100 * 27.5/(speed * 60 * time)).
  • Comments
    • Pictogram voting keep.pngAccepted.
    • I'm currently dealing with opening the wiki and stuff, you'll maybe have to wait for a bit. Jinbobo zh en-4 talk contribs AWB 09:14, 10 April 2013 (UTC)
    • Yes check.pngDone. Jinbobo zh en-4 talk contribs AWB 15:39, 17 April 2013 (UTC)

Original Request

Scope: Category:Bees
Manipulate the parameters time-1, time-2, time-3, time-s, time-s2 in the Template:Bee.
Do the following math: Math.round(100 * 27.5/(speed * 60 * time)), where time is the current value of that parameter and speed uses Template:Attributes->Speed to choose the correct value:

Speed Value
Slowest 0.3
Slower 0.6
Slow 0.8
Normal 1.0
Fast 1.2
Faster 1.4
Fastest 1.7

Doctoral Bee (speed=normal), time-1(current value 4.6): Math.round(100 * 27.5/(1.0 * 60 * 4.6)) = 10

Thanks in Advance, MilConDoin (talk) 22:44, 9 April 2013 (UTC)

3/26/2013 Adding bee mutation chances as requested by the community. (185 Edits)

3/20/2013 Template:Attributes reformat request by MilConDoin (82 Edits)

Original Request: Request for Category:Bees

Request mass editing with the following work:

  • Edit all pages of the Category:Bees
  • Only in the template Attributes
  • If the value of a parameter starts with a lower case letter, switch it to upper case.



| speed = Slower
| fertility = 2
| effect = creeper
| temperature = cold

After AWB:

| speed = Slower
| fertility = 2
| effect = Creeper
| temperature = Cold

--MilConDoin (talk) 11:40, 20 March 2013 (UTC)

2/21/2013 Infobox imageicon fix on all pages in namespace Main (272 Edits)

  • Search and Replace
    • imageicon=Grid[ |_](.*)\.png → imageicon=$1
  • Comments
    • AWB performed some general fixes on some pages, I have gone and reverted the changes that breaks page layout. Jinbobo (talk) 11:25, 21 February 2013 (UTC)

2/21/2013 Reformatted all pages in namespace Category. (53 Edits)

  • Search and Replace
    • {{langbar}} →
  • Comments
    • The using AWB notice that should appear did not this time, I will try fix it next time. Jinbobo (talk) 09:47, 21 February 2013 (UTC)