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Retired. Just poking around and checking out what bugs I have left behind that have gone unfixed. And stuff like this.

About me:

  • I study pure mathematics.
  • I am currently engaged in research on topological quantum computing.

I did all of these:

  • Partially fixed the wiki.
  • Documented most of the templates.
  • Fixed and broke some templates.
  • Fixed some styles, formatting and organization.
  • Made the wiki pretty (2x old skins).
  • Created the crafting grid system.
  • Created the buggy and hacky tilesheet and oredict extensions.
  • Overhauled the translation system.
  • Translated some stuff and refused to update it to the new system.
  • Crashed the wiki.
  • Broke the wiki.
  • Made TheSatanicSanta & Retep998 clean up the mess I left behind.
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