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Weird girl who likes gaming.

Working On

Taking an extended break.

Multi crafting blank {{Grid/Crafting Table |A1= |B1= |C1= |A2= |B2= |C2= |A3= |B3= |C3= |Output= |OA= }}

Craft Blank {{Grid/Crafting Table |A1=|B1=|C1= |A2=|B2=|C2= |A3=|B3=|C3= |Output=|OA= }}

Carpenter Blank {{Grid/Carpenter |A1=|B1=|C1= |A2=|B2=|C2= |A3=|B3=|C3= |Output= |OA= |tank=honey |I1=|I1A= |I2=|I2A= |I3=|I3A= |I4= }} {{Grid/Induction Smelter |I1=Silver Dust,Gold Dust,Iron Dust |I1A=2,2,2 |I2=Sand |O1=Silver Ingot,Gold Ingot,Iron Ingot | O1A=2,2,2 |O2=Slag }} {{Grid/Magma Crucible |I=Netherrack | IA=1 |liquid=Lava |mB=1000 |power=12000 |Ltooltiptext=Lava<br>1000mB |Ptooltiptext=12000MJ }}