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Hello. I am intipablo. Ever since I was first introduced to Minecraft back in 1.2.5, I have been a massive fan. Like many other games I play, I immediately felt the need to make something of my own to add to or change the game, whether it be texture changes, an addon, anything really. Due to this, I quickly found Modded Minecraft. Back then Modded Minecraft was dominated by the Technic Team, or rather their modpack, Tekkit Classic (Previously known as Tekkit). This was a blast, I enjoyed this modpack so much that it really pushed me to want to get into modding. Unfortunately, there weren't as many resources for modding back then as there are now, and I never really got into it. One thing I did begin, however, was making texture packs. After seeing the members of The Yogscast play the modpack through using a texture pack by the name of Sphax. I decided to start making my own or expanding off of others. This proved out to be really fun and I've been making textures to this day.

I've kept playing Modded Minecraft since, and even starting working on my own Modpack on the side, but one thing that always frustrated me throughout playing Modded Minecraft, was the lack of documentation for some mods. I'd always come to some kind of wiki for help, but I never thought of adding to the wiki myself. If I saw that what I needed wasn't there, I would just look elsewhere. Only recently (March 2018) did I start editing for the FTB Wiki. I did so by scrolling through Reddit one day (As I usually do), and reading something talking about an Editathon for the FTB Wiki. I looked more into it, wondering how it worked, and eventually I decided to start helping out by documenting an old mod by the name of Mariculture. Although it was difficult to get started, I got quite used to it fairly quickly and started to enjoy myself creating new pages for the wiki and working on documenting a mod that I had always loved and had always wanted proper documentation for. As of this time of writing, I am still editing actively for the wiki and look forward to doing so in the forseeable future.

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  • The easiest method of contact for me would have to be Discord, you can find me on the FTB Wiki Discord! which is linked with IRC.
  • You are also free to contact me on my talk page! If you have something to say to me.


  • English: I'm a native speaker of English.
    • Dialect: Australian English.
  • Spanish: I've grown up talking to my Father in Spanish (He is Chilean) and am currently studying the language in School, so I'm quite confident in my capabilities with the language.