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Never try translate "XyCraft" into Chinese - because it has been a meme for years. Just don't try that. Unless one day we do have a similar meme in Chinese. Or there is a proper translation for the name itself.
A "miracle" is something like the end the great localization purge.
Every time a wiki editor finishes documenting a mod, the mod author creates new content... happened with GregTech, Project Red, Immersive Engineering..
Xbony2 on #FTB-Wiki channel on irc.esper

That is probably the nightmare for every wiki editor. Let's do our best to crush the nightmare.


Hey there. I am 3tusk, an ordinary Minecraft player, to be specific, modded Minecraft mods for most time.
In real life I am a college freshman, major in computer science. Often suffering putting off things and forget them until due dates come. Beside academic stuff and Minecraft, I self-study Java, Lua and Kotlin. Usually I consider it as the influence of Minecraft.

For those who may interest, 3tusk is the abbreviation for ThaumicTechTinker Urey.S.Knowledge, where 'Urey' was my English name IRL. (Which means I don't use it in real life now)
It is true that Urey sounds like a Russian name, but its pronunciation resembles my real Chinese name somehow. Whatsoever.

I usually capitalize my id because it is somehow acronym. That said, I prefer to use 3TUSK.

I used to do these things:

  • write text-based tutorial in Simplified Chinese and post on www.mcbbs.net, a Chinese Minecraft forum. I stopped because mod updates fast.
  • convince people to play ic2 and gregtech and do not touch magic mods like thaumcraft and ars magica. I stopped because that only happened in 1.5.2, the end of golden age as I believe.
  • Make modpack on my own and play it. Currently I am playing a 1.12.2 pack designed for my mod, FrogCraft: Rebirth, so that I can have a good measure on inter-mod balance.

Currently I am:

  • Study. Many times, I feel lost. When I feel lost, I sometimes tell myself, "everything will be fine".
  • Work as a mod localizer/translator.
    • Working on localization support for mods. A lot of them. Especially:
  • maintaing a port of FrogCraft.
  • Creating my modpack series. Stunk with good idea and plots.
  • Challenge accepted: translate more than 80% of translatable things here into Simplified Chinese!


  • Native Chinese speaker, simplified variant. Also can read the traditional one, but cannot write. What a pity.
  • I started to learn English since I was a small kid. And I screwed up with TOEFL multiple times And now I am confident with it.
  • Salvete! I started to touch Latin since late 2015 because I met some new friends who are interested in linguistics. Totally accidental. Still struggling with Wheelock.
  • And some modders use anime reference, which is annoying beacuse I have zero knowledge on Japanese.

Things that consider as stable[lower-alpha 1]

Which version of translation do you use and why?

Good question. For now I always search these following sites for translation:

If no result found... I probably choose to submit a brandy new translation. i.e. make one on my own, submit, and use that. Monopoly

Also, welcome to have discussion on translation of certain entry/entries if you are native Chinese speaker or you are confident with your Chinese level. This community needs more input.

Debatable entry

I think this should be a new page, but for now I will simply put it here. Anyhow, here are list of word/phrase/sentence (plural applicable) that have debate on their translation. It will not be complete in the foreseeable future. Inputs are always welcome.

  • Desh (GalacticCraft?)
  • Duranium (GregTech 5)
  • Extremely Primordial Pearl (Avaritia)
  • Midasium (Metallurgy 4)
  • Ultimet (GregTech 5)


  • A Navbox for ChromatiCraft
  • Finish AcademyCraft stuff before they finally decide to port to 1.12.2
  • Keep eyes on GregTech 6 documentation & its wiki translation
  • Wiki translation:


Now I am not be as crazy about social media as of I used to be. Anyhow here is a list.

  • GitHub.
  • My blog. And yes it is empty currently.
  • IRC.
    • For now, I only show up on esper dot net as "TriTUSK" in #FTB-Wiki and #BTM. Nickname cannot start with number, forcing me use prefix "tri-".


Something for Chinese translator from the future

  • Be faithful.
  • Replace ni\{([a-zA-Z\"\s\(\)\']*)\} with ni{\1,\1,"Fill translation here(这里写翻译)"} if you want to save couple of seconds[lower-alpha 2];
  • If available, use existed, commonly agreed translation;
    • That said, if you wanna translate something about a mod, look up on Github/BitBucket/etc. or just unzip the jar file, to see if there is a file named zh_CN.lang.
  • Be patient.
  • Use some kind of guideline.
  • What's next?


  1. Documentation and Translation is eternal; therefore you can't say "translation is done!" because there will be new entries few days later.
  2. Magic of regex.