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Uranium Cell

ModIndustrialCraft 2

Uranium Cells were nuclear fuels added by IndustrialCraft 2. Uranium was a mid tier fuel, lasting 5 times longer than Thorium but half as long as Plutonium. The main use of them was for use in a Nuclear Reactor, but they were also needed for the Nuke

There were 6 variations on the Uranium Cell, 3 that served as fuel and 3 that could be used for create new cells.

  • Uranium Cell: The Standard Reactor Fuel.
  • Dual Uranium Cell: Twice as powerful as the Uranium Cell.
  • Quad Uranium Cell: 4 times as powerful as the Uranium Cell.
  • Near-Depleted Uranium Cell: Sometimes when a Uranium Cell died out, this stayed behind
  • Depleted Isotope Cell: Crafted from a Near-depleted Uranium Cell, could be re-enriched
  • Re-Enriched Uranium Cell: When a Depleted Isotope cell was placed in a breeding reactor, this is what it would turn into, and could be crafted into a Uranium Cell


EU: 200
Time: 5 secs
MaxEnergy: 2 EU/t


EU: 50000
Time: 500 secs