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Upgrade Aquatic
Modicon Upgrade Aquatic.png
Current developerscamcamcamcamcam
Version1.16.5: 3.0.1
1.16.4: 3.0.1
1.16.3: 3.0.1
1.16.1: 2.1.0
1.15.2: 1.7.1
1.14.4: 1.4.10
1.14.3: 1.0.3
Supported Minecraft versions1.14.3-1.16.5
Depends onAbnormals Core

Upgrade Aquatic is a mod directed by camcamcamcamcam, SmellyModder and five0five that improves the content of Update Aquatic and adds more features to the ocean. Its content is carefully crafted and balanced against each other, and much of it is inspired by general opinions about the update from the community.

It has 5 main aims:

  • to tie in Ocean Monuments with the rest of the ocean content and make their loot worthwhile.
  • to expand Update Aquatic's progression by adding the Drowned's loot to new creatures.
  • to give parts of the update more use, such as the Nautilus and Prismarine Coral in Ocean Vents.
  • to add features that satisfy the community's wishlist for Update Aquatic, such as a sharklike mob called the Thrasher, and Mob A (Barnacle) from the 2017 mob vote
  • to make Insomnia more intuitive and controllable; expands on the mechanic

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