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This page is about the Upgrade from Progressive Automation. For other uses, see Upgrade.
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ModProgressive Automation

Upgrades, specifically Tier Upgrades, are a set of four items in Progressive Automation. They are consumed to increase the effective range of Progressive Automation machines. Each upgrade increases the range by 1 block (by default; configurable). There is no limit on the number of upgrades that can be placed in a machine. Upgrades are installed in machines by placing the Upgrade items in the Upgrade slot in the machine's GUI. The effectiveness of Upgrades can be increased with a Wither Upgrade.

Note: All machines display their effective range in their GUI. This range is displayed in total blocks, not as a radius. Machines affect square areas around them, starting at the machine block itself and iterating out in squares, each new square starting 1 block East from the North-East corner.

The tier of Upgrade must correspond to the tier of machine; wooden machines consume Wooden Upgrades, stone machines consume Stone Upgrades, etc.

When a machine is picked up with a PA Wrench, consumed upgrades are retained in it. When a machine is broken otherwise, all installed upgrades drop as items.


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