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This page is about the Unofficial Feed The Beast Wiki. For this wiki, see Official Feed The Beast Wiki.
This page is about the Unofficial ATLauncher Wiki. For this wiki's ATLauncher section, see Portal:ATLauncher.

The Unofficial Feed The Beast Wiki ( (usually shortened to the Unofficial FTB Wiki, the FTB Wiki, FTBwiki or is a wiki dedicated to documenting Feed The Beast, ATLauncher modpacks and modded Minecraft. It is one of the two largest modded Minecraft wikis, the other being the Official Feed The Beast Wiki.


The Unofficial FTB Wiki has origins in the Feed The Beast Wikia, later renamed to the Classic Feed The Beast Wiki (or the Classic Feed The Beast Wikia) (, later moved to The Unofficial Feed The Beast Wiki was originally hosted on Wikia, but they decided to move to self-hosting due to unhappiness with Wikia's inflexibility, issues with usability, Wikia having ownership over all contributions, among other reasons[1]. Due to Wikia's policies, the owners were not allowed to delete the wikia, so they remarketed it as the Classic Feed The Beast Wiki, only allowing contributions for Minecraft mods from version 1.5.2 and before. Despite the new Unofficial FTB Wiki retaining all of the information of the old wiki, the Classic FTB Wiki is still used and sometimes edited[2], although it has no active high-profile editors or staff. The Unofficial FTB Wiki is currently owned and run by RZR0[3].

In May 2014, ostPavel, an administrator of the wiki, announced the launch of the Unofficial ATLauncher Wiki[4]. In early 2015, the Semantic MediaWiki extension was added, and the administrator Dgelessus (who used to also edit the Official FTB Wiki, and created many lasting important templates like {{Pn}}) created various templates using it, allowing articles to have automatically-built "Usage" sections listing what the article's item was used to create[5][6]. In late 2016 and continuing throughout 2017, administrator Antillar started documenting GregTech 5/GregTech 5 Unofficial and he created many new articles, allowing the Unofficial FTB Wiki to catch back up with the Official Feed The Beast Wiki in terms of article count. However, a large number, if not most, of these new articles were small, uncomplicated and most likely easy to create, being component pages or disambiguation pages[7].

Currently, most of the wiki's sporadic activity has focused on documentation for Minecraft mods in Minecraft 1.7.10, with little information on mods made for Minecraft 1.8 and above. There has been some documentation created on newer mods such as Super Circuit Maker[8] and Actually Additions[9], but the Official Feed The Beast Wiki has recently sometimes been described as the most updated major wiki of the two[10][11][12][13], although the Unofficial FTB Wiki may have more information on older versions[14].


The Unofficial Feed The Beast Wiki was originally focused on Feed The Beast (and later ATLauncher), but it currently is more focused on modded Minecraft in general, although there is plenty of overlap. Despite being an "FTB" Wiki, all mods and modpacks are allowed to be documented. Many contributors do not frequently play FTB or ATLauncher modpacks.

Article growth

Associated websites

The Unofficial Feed The Beast Wiki has another website known as the Unofficial ATLauncher Wiki ( (usually shorted to the Unofficial ATL Wiki, the ATL Wiki or ATLwiki, or when paired with the Unofficial FTB Wiki, the FTBwiki/ATLwiki). This website is not another wiki, just a different way to access the FTB Wiki with a different skin and different main page that gives information on ATLauncher and its modpacks instead of FTB. However, it is rarely linked to and rarely appears at the top of search results.

The Unofficial Feed The Beast Wiki has two other websites of similar nature, the Resonant Rise Wiki ( and the Modded Minecraft Wiki ( The latter's main page will redirect to, but other pages still function (such as Like the Unofficial ATLauncher Wiki, they are very rarely linked to and very rarely appear in search results.

The Unofficial Feed The Beast Wiki has a forum, (, which redirects to, used for wiki discussion and discussion about Feed The Beast modpacks. It currently maintains little activity compared to other forums such as the FTB Forums or /r/feedthebeast[16]

The FTB Wiki community

The size of the Unofficial FTB Wiki's community has varied at different times, but there have usually been relatively few active editors. Despite being an English-only wiki, editors have been from many different countries, such as Russia[17], Austria[18], the Netherlands[19] and Belgium[20].

Wiki editors have used talk pages, IRC and two private Discord servers[21] for communication.

Interactions with the modded Minecraft community

The majority of the Unofficial Feed The Beast Wiki's documentation is unofficial. Some mod and modpack authors have contributed to the wiki, however, such as Flaxbeard[22], the mod author of Flaxbeard's Steam Power and several other mods (although he later joined the Official FTB Wiki's staff as a mod appointed curator for his mods), and RyanTheAllmighty[23], the lead developer of ATLauncher. The Unofficial Feed The Beast Wiki is the official wiki for Resonant Rise, particularly through their Resonant Rise proxy wiki.

Administrator Antillar has occasionally streamed wiki editing on his Twitch.Tv account, although his streams are in Russian, despite him creating English material.

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