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The Turtle is a block added by ComputerCraft. It is an extension of the Computer, in that it can be programmed just like one. However, turtles are more advanced, as they can be programmed to move around and interact with, place and remove blocks (once given the tools required to do so).


FTB Infinity Evolved

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There are many different variations of turtles. This is because each turtle can be given two upgrades, a tool of some kind and a special "ability". These are the current tool upgrades that are available, with a short description.

  • Turtle - No addons, can only place and interact with blocks.
  • Mining Turtle - Pickaxe, allowing it to break any block.
  • Digging Turtle - Shovel/Spade, lets the turtle dig only soil blocks, such as dirt or sand.
  • Felling Turtle - Axe, gives the ability to break wood blocks.
  • Farming Turtle - Hoe, allows the turtle to till soil.
  • Melee Turtle - Sword, lets the turtle attack mobs and players.

These are the special upgrades that can be added alongside a tool.

  • Crafty Turtle - Allows the turtle to craft using items in its inventory.
  • Wireless Turtle - Allows the turtle to talk wirelessly to other wireless-enabled turtles and computers.

Two tools cannot be put on the same turtle, however a tool and a special upgrade can. In addition, both special upgrades can be added to the same turtle when excluding the tool.