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TypeSolid block

The Trophy is a block added by OpenBlocks. This block is a decorative item that can drop from monsters on death. As of OpenBlocks 1.2.8, they will not drop from kills from non-players. Each trophy has a different action when a player right-clicks on it. There are 25 trophies: one trophy for each vanilla creature.

Creature Action
Cow "Moo" sound, sometimes produces Leather
Skeleton Skeleton sounds and launches Arrows
Bat Bat sounds
Witch Nothing
Ocelot Meowing sound
Blaze Blaze sound and lights user on fire
Spider Spider sounds
Slime Nothing
Enderman Enderman sounds and teleports player a short distance
Squid Places water on nearby blocks
Iron Golem Nothing
Pig "Oink" sound and sometimes produce Raw Porkchops
Chicken Chicken noises and sometimes produces Eggs
Creeper Explosion sounds and particles
Zombie Pigman Zombie Pigman noises and sometimes produces Gold Nuggets
Zombie Zombie noises
Villager Villager noises
Sheep "Baa" sounds
Silverfish Silverfish noises
Cave Spider Cave Spider noises and poisons the player
Ghast Ghast sounds
Magma Cube Nothing
Mooshroom "Moo" sounds and sometimes produce Mushrooms
Snow Golem Places snow covers on surrounding blocks
Wolf "Woof" sounds
Wither Skeleton Wither Skeleton noises and sometimes produces Wither Skeleton Skulls

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