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Trick: Save Vector

GroupMemory Management
NumberNumber Constant
Technical details
Registry nametrickSaveVector

Trick: Save Vector is a Spell Piece added by Psi. It is used to save a vector into a memory slot in the Casting Assistant Device (CAD). Saved vectors can be retrieved and selected using
Selector: Saved Vector. The number of memory slots can be calculated as

where is the number of memory slots and is the number of sockets. This number is rounded down to the nearest integer. Potency will increase depending on the number of the slot used. It is unlocked in the lesson "Memory Management."

Once a vector is saved to a slot, the slot is locked for the rest of the spell's invocation and cannot be read from or saved to.


  • Target: Requires a vector.
  • Number: Requires a number constant. Must be an integer. Selects the memory slot to use.

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