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Trick: Conjure Light

GroupBlock Conjuration
Time (optional)Number
Technical details
Registry nametrickConjureLight

Trick: Conjure Light is a Spell Piece added by Psi. It will create a Conjured Light at a given point. A
Vector Sum of a
Vector Axis Raycast and a
Vector Raycast is recommended. The conjured light can be destroyed by hitting it with anything. It is unlocked in the lesson "Block Conjuration."


  • Position: Requires a vector. The vector is the position of the Light to be conjured at.
  • Time: Optional. Requires a number. Time is calculated in ticks. Leaving Time unset makes the resulting light permanent.

Additional Notes

  • The color of the light source produced depends on which CAD Colorizer is installed in the CAD used to cast the spell.
  • When a Conjured Light is created underwater, it will replace a Water block with itself and the block it is in with air. As it is a transparent block, players can enter these air pockets to restore their oxygen bars.


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