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ModWireless Redstone Chicken Bones Edition

The Triangulator is a component used in making the Wireless Map. It also functions as a sort of wireless compass depending on the frequency it is set on.



The Triangulator is colored purple because the frequency it's programmed on has been phase shifted to purple. It points to the Wireless Transmitter broadcasting the frequency.

Shift-right click brings up the frequency GUI, similar to other wireless items. The Simple GUI allows you to choose a freqeuncy number from 1 to 5000. The Advanced GUI allows you to view names and colors (phase shifted) of frequencies. Double-clicking the names will instantly change the Triangulator's frequency.

When a frequency is chosen that has an associated 'On' redstone signal, the Triangulator will visually change color to that frequency's phase shifted color, if it has one. The compass needle will then point to the associated Wireless Transmitter. If the redstone signal is turned 'Off,' the compass needle will disappear. If a frequency is chosen that does not have an existing redstone signal, the Triangulator will simply be colored white.