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Transport Pipes


Transport Pipes are a class of pipes from BuildCraft that moves items around. Pipes can connect to other pipes and to block that possess inventories, e. g. Chests or Furnaces. Transport pipes are crafted with 2 pieces of type material and one piece of glass. Stained glass can be used to create stained pipes. Stained pipes can be created with a paintbrush.

Fluid Pipes transport liquids in a similar manner, while Kinesis Pipes transport Redstone Flux.

Type Function Notes

Extraction Allows extraction of items from an inventory. Requires an Engine attached to the pipe to pull items out. The rate of extraction depends on the engine used.

Filtered extraction Allows configurable extraction of items from attached inventories. Will only extract/exclude configured items depending on settings.

Transport (High drag) Most basic transport pipe. Will not connect to Stone Pipe or Quartz Pipe. Accelerated items will quickly lose speed.

Transport (Medium drag) Step up from Cobblestone Pipe. Will not connect to Cobblestone Transport Pipes or Quartz Transport Pipes. Accelerated items travel a bit farther before slowing down compared to Cobblestone Transport Pipe.

Quartz Pipe
Transport (Low drag) Most efficient transport pipe. Will not connect to Stone or Cobblestone Pipes. Accelerated items will travel a substantial distance before they will lose speed.

Non-Connect Will only connect to other pipes, excluding Stone Pipes.

One way Iron Pipe will allow entering items to travel only in one direction. Direction that items flow can be changed with a Wrench.

Acceleration Gold Pipe will accelerate entering items. Multiple Golden Transport Pipes will greatly increase the speed.

Sorting Allows configurable sorting of entering items. Six directions that items can sort through. Up to nine different items can be chosen per output.

Insertion Tries to insert items into any attached inventories rather than a connected pipe.

Vacuum Picks up items off the ground that are near the pipe. Range at which items are picked up can be increased by powering the pipe with an Engine.

Destruction Deletes items that pass into it. Less CPU intensive than dropping items into lava.

World Interaction Uses passing items similar to if the player would right-click with the item. e.g. If hoe passes through, it would turn dirt in front of the pipe into farmland.

Coloring Paints any passing items to the set color. Color can be set with a Wrench.

Color routing Routes colored items into a configurable direction. Color can be set with Shift+Right-Click with a Wrench. Direction can be set with a Right-Click with a Wrench.

Gate controlled extraction Allows extracting items from inventories. Can be controlled with a Gate.

Bee pipe Sorting pipe specifically for Forestry's Bees. Added by Forestry, then moved to BuildCraft Compat.