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This page is about the Transmutation Tablet added by Equivalent Exchange 2. For other uses, see Transmutation Tablet.
Transmutation Tablet

ModEquivalent Exchange 2
TypeSolid block
EMC value260 EMC

The Transmutation Tablet is a block added by Equivalent Exchange 2. It allows materials to be transmuted into other materials based on their EMC values. Unlike the Energy Condenser, the output material does not need to be in the machine before it is transmuted. However, the Transmutation Tablet must learn the output materials before it can transmute them. An Alchemical Tome can be used to unlock all transmutable items.


The Philosopher's Stone is not consumed during crafting.


In the GUI, the left circle is the input matrix. Items can be placed in this circle to display their EMC. Previously learned items that can be transmuted will appear in the output matrix; the circle on the right. Removing items from the output matrix will consume EMC, and leave leftover EMC in the tablet.

EMC of multiple items can be placed in the input matrix to combine the EMC values. Items can be targeted by placing them in the output matrix center.

The burn slot, or the one that appears to have flames, can be used to dispose of unwanted items while keeping their EMC.

Klein Stars can be charged with the Transmutation Tablet by placing it in the input matrix and then burning items into EMC.