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</noinclude>Эта страница о<noinclude>$1</noinclude>. Для <noinclude>$2</noinclude>, смотри <noinclude>$3</noinclude><noinclude>
</noinclude>Эта страница — <noinclude>$1</noinclude>. Для <noinclude>$2</noinclude> см. <noinclude>$3</noinclude><noinclude>

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Information about message (contribute)


  • $1: The use of this page.
  • $2: The use of the similar page.
  • $3: Link to the similar page.
Message definition (Template:About)
</noinclude>This page is about <noinclude>$1</noinclude>. For <noinclude>$2</noinclude>, see <noinclude>$3</noinclude><noinclude>
Translation</noinclude>Эта страница — <noinclude>$1</noinclude>. Для <noinclude>$2</noinclude> см. <noinclude>$3</noinclude><noinclude>

Эта страница — $1. Для $2 см. $3