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This page is about the Transformer added by GregTech 5. For other uses, see Transformer.

ModGregTech 5
TypeTile entity
Tooltip textMV -> LV (Use Rubber Hammer to invert) [varies]
Input VoltageVaries
EU StorageVaries
Output VoltageVaries

GregTech 5 Transformers are the way to convert GregTech EU between Tiers. They are also used to convert IndustrialCraft 2 EU into GregTech EU. They are the only machines that can accept a higher voltage than their tier without exploding.

Transformers have five low-voltage sides, each with a single dot, and one high-voltage side, which features a 4-panel square. For facing and rotation, the high-voltage side counts as the front.

Transformers have two modes: Normal and Inverted. Modes are swapped by right-clicking with a Soft Hammer. In Normal mode ("Machine Active"), a Transformer accepts up to 1 Amp of current at any voltage up to 1 tier higher than its named voltage, through its high-voltage side. It then attempts to emit up to 4 amps of current (combined) at its named voltage , from its other 5 sides. In Inverted mode ("Machine Inactive"), the Transformer accepts up to 4 Amps of current at or below its named voltage through its 5 low-voltage sides, then attempts to output 1 Amp of current at 1 tier higher than its named voltage through its high-voltage side.

A Transformer's mode can also be determined by looking at it. When in Normal mode, the high-voltage side contains a small arrow pointing in from the corners of the 4 panels. When in Inverted mode, each of the low-voltage sides contain a smaller, light grey dot in the centers of their normal dots.

GT Transformers1-9.jpg


There are 9 different Transformers, each with their own Voltages.

Name Lower Voltage Upper Voltage Amperage EU Storage

Ultra Low Voltage Transformer 8 32 4 576 EU

Low Voltage Transformer 32 128 4 768 EU

Medium Voltage Transformer 128 512 4 1,536 EU

High Voltage Transformer 512 2,048 4 4,608 EU

Extreme Transformer 2,048 8,192 4 16,896 EU

Insane Transformer 8,192 32,768 4 66,048 EU

Ludicrous Transformer 32,768 131,072 4 262,656 EU

ZPM Voltage Transformer 131,072 524,288 4 1,049,088 EU

Ultimate Transformer 524,288 2,147,483,647 4095 4,294,967,806 EU


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