Transfer Pipe (Extra Utilities)

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This page is about the Transfer Pipe added by Extra Utilities. For other uses, see Transfer Pipe.
Transfer Pipe
Block Transfer Pipe (Extra Utilities).png

ModExtra Utilities
Blast resistance0.5
Technical details
Registry nameExtraUtilities:pipes
Unlocalized namepipes

The Transfer Pipe is a pipe added by Extra Utilities. It is used to connect Transfer Nodes and Retrieval Nodes to each other and to other inventories. It is also used to craft the Transfer Node (Items), Transfer Node (Liquids), and some of the other pipes in Extra Utilities.



Placing the Transfer Pipe next to any valid inventory connects the Pipe to it. It can also be connected to other Transfer Pipes, as well as every Transfer Node added by Extra Utilities. The Transfer Pipe can also be right-clicked with most Wrenches or a stick, which will either block items from going in a certain direction, indicated by dark lines, or disconnect the pipe from everything except for other pipes. Transfer Pipes are also multi-parted and can have Covers placed on them to prevent two adjacent pipes from connecting or for cosmetic reasons.

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