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This page is about the Transfer Node from Extra Utilities. For the Transfer Node from Extra Utilities 2, see Transfer Node (Fluids).
Transfer Node (Liquids)
Block Transfer Node (Liquids).png

ModExtra Utilities
TypeSolid block
Blast resistance2.5
Liquid storage8000 mB
Technical details
Registry nameExtraUtilities:extractor_base:6
Unlocalized nameextractor_base

The Transfer Node (Liquids) is a block added by Extra Utilities, and is used to extract 200 mB of a liquid from an inventory. This block can take liquids and send them through Transfer Pipes or any other pipe from Extra Utilities. The internal buffer of this Node is 8,000 mB of one liquid. Like the Transfer Node (Items), it can take upgrades.



Upgrade Effect

Increases the speed that the node searches for inventories. The speed depends on the number of upgrades.

Allows the node to infinitely extract water from an infinite water source. The amount of water extracted is dependent on the amount of upgrades. This functionality can be disabled in the mod's configuration file.

Allows the node to extract 8000mb of liquid from an inventory at a time, rather than 200mb at a time
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