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This page is about the Transfer Node (Energy) added by Extra Utilities 2. For other uses, see Transfer Node (Energy).
Transfer Node (Energy)

ModExtra Utilities 2
TypeTile entity
RF traversing10000 RF/t

Two Energy transfer nodes transfering 20,000 rf/t

The Transfer Node (Energy) is a block added by Extra Utilities 2. It extracts RF energy from the block it is placed on, and transmits it through Transfer Pipe to connected devices.

Unlike the other Transfer Nodes, it does not search through Transfer Pipe. Instead, all devices on the network are added to a registry as soon as they are connected. This node has no GUI, no internal energy buffer, and cannot accept upgrades, such as Speed Upgrades. Also note that Transfer Pipe will not connect to the node if the block it is placed against is not a valid energy provider.

The Energy Transfer Node can transmit 10,000 RF per tick. This rate can be effectively increased by simply connecting more nodes to the energy provider, as shown. Transfer Pipe has no transfer limit, and all connected devices will share the power evenly, so the only limit is the number of nodes on the energy provider and the extraction limit of the provider.


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