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This page is about the Trade Station from Forestry. For other uses, see Trade Station.
Trade Station

TypeSolid block

The Trade Station is a block added by Forestry. It is used to setup item trades using Forestry's mail system. Like the mail system it has infinite range and exchanges occur instantly.


Setting up

The trade station must be given a name when placed in the world. It must be given a sufficient amount of stamps and Papers in the left hand slots for it to operate.

The "Sending" slot in the GUI is for the item or items the player wishes to sell/trade. Place the item or item stack to be sold in the slot to set the trade offer, and then place the items in the sending inventory grid immediately to the right of the Sending slot.

The "Receiving" slot in the GUI is for the items the player wishes to exchange for, any item may be used as a currency. Like with the sending slot, the item or item stack is placed in the filter to set the price of the item to be sold. A simple example would be to have 1 emerald, 1 wheat, 1 carrot, and 2 potatoes for a diamond.

Using the Trade Station

To use the trade station, Letters are addressed to the trade station by name and sent through the Mailbox. Click on the envelope icon in the Letter's GUI to switch it to Trader Station mode and type in the name of the trade station in the textbox. The GUI then shows the player the current trade offer and the price. "Attach" the requested items/currency to the letter by placing them in the inventory grid on the bottom of the letter's GUI, and stick the appropriate amount of postage (1n per item stack) on the upper right corner. Exit the GUI, then right click the mailbox with letter in hand to make the trade.

The Trade Station then will send the player two letters: one stating how many items it was able to give the player, and the other with the actual items. If the Trade Station does not have enough items in its inventory to fulfill the order, the second letter will also have the refunded currency items.


Stamps and paper can be piped in to keep the trader station stocked and operating.

"Receiving" items can be piped out easily enough.

"Sending" items can only be piped in once they have been set in the trader's GUI.