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Trackman's Goggles

Tooltip textUse from hotbar to change Auras
Armor rating1 (Half Armor.svg)

The Trackman's Goggles is a head piece from the Railcraft mod. This helmet is not meant to be a proper armor device, but rather a utility item. This armor piece allows the wearer to see things in the world that they otherwise would not be able to see. This has four modes, which can be switched by using the use key with the goggles in-hand: None, Tuning, Tracking, and Anchor. Only one mode can be on at a time. Some modes may be disabled when Railcraft's hidden block is disabled in the configuration file.

  • The None mode will allow the player to see nothing special. It is as if they aren't even there.
  • The Tuning mode will allow the player to see all links between signaling devices.
  • The Tracking mode will allow the player to see all previous player movements within the last 30 minutes.
  • The Anchor mode will allow the player to see the area that a World Anchor and Anchor Sentinel load.