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Track Remover

ModSteve's Carts
TypeSteve's Carts Module
Steve's Carts Properties
Compatible Hulls

Module typeAttachment
Modular cost8
Construction time24 sec

The Track Remover is an attachment module that allows minecarts in Steve's Carts to remove placed Rail.



When mounted on a cart by the Cart Assembler, the Track Remover will enable a minecart to remove the Track it travels over. When operating, the cart will travel to the end of a Track line, and turn around. On the return trip, it will pick up the Tracks and place them in an attached Storage module. As it has no inventory, a Storage module is necessary for this attachment to work. Its primary use is as a means to reclaim Tracks that are no longer in use, without the work of walking down the Track and picking them up manually. It is unlikely to need more than one cart with a Track Remover attachment at a time. While you can attach a Track Remover to the same cart as a Railer, this is not a wise choice, as the Track Remover will not function.

  • A cart with a Track Remover will travel to the end of a Track line and pick up the Track on the return journey.
  • This attachment cannot work without an attached Storage module.
  • This attachment will not work at all if attached to the same cart as a Railer or Large Railer.

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