Tough Rod

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Tough Rod

ModTinkers' Construct

The Tough Rod is an item added by Tinkers' Construct which is used in advanced tools and weaponry. It costs 3 ingots worth of a material to create. For example, if the player were to make an Iron Tough Rod, it would require a Smeltery, a Tough Rod Cast, and 3 ingots worth of Molten Iron.


For metallic Tough Rods, 3 ingots worth of molten metal must be poured onto a Tough Rod Cast placed on a Casting Table. Non-metal Tough Rods can be created with the Part Builder.


Tough Rods are used to make the following tools and weaponry, most of which require a Tool Forge to be created:

Javelins are the only weapon that can be crafted without a tool forge.