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This page is about the Tool from Steve's Carts. For other uses, see Tool.

ModSteve's Carts
TypeSteve's Carts Module
Steve's Carts Properties
Compatible Hulls
Module typeTool

Tools in Steve's Carts are modules that can be added to minecarts and are used for harvesting resources. Only one tool can be added per cart and all tools take up the front of the cart.


Name Compatible hulls Modular cost Construction time Durability
Drills Tunnel size
Iron Drill

3 3 sec 50,000 3x3
Basic Drill

10 39 sec 300,000 3x3
Hardened Drill

45 18 min 8 sec 1,000,000 5x5
Galgadorian Drill

150 4 hr 15 min 22 sec Unbreakable 9x9
Farmers Effect radius
Basic Farmer

36 11 min 3 sec 300,000 1 block
Galgadorian Farmer

55 28 min 6 sec Unbreakable 2 blocks
Wood Cutters Drop multiplier
Basic Wood Cutter

34 9 min 45 sec 160,000 80%
Hardened Wood Cutter

65 40 min 34 sec 320,000 100%
Galgadorian Wood Cutter

120 2 hr 36 min 19 sec Unbreakable 125%
  • Modular cost - Defines the cost to add the module to a hull and determines what hulls it can be added to, based on the hull's complexity cap
  • Construction time - The actual real-time amount required to attach the module to a cart during construction

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