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Tobacco Pile

ModThaumic Bases
TC4 Aspects

The Tobacco Pile is an item added by Thaumic Bases. It can be smoked while in the player's inventory by using a Greatwood or Silverwood Smoking Pipe, giving a small chance to remove temporary Warp. It is primarily refined into different Tobacco Piles.


This recipe is shapeless.

Thaumonomicon entry

Sometimes a thaumaturge just wants some resting from all those horrors of the thaumaturgy. He wants his mind clear and concentrated on the tasks. Other thaumaturges are known to smoke some kind of tobacco, but it harms the health of the thaumaturge a great deal, and can even cut of the link between a human and the world of magic. You do not need this. You have managed to create a plant, that functions just like a tobacco, but it is absolutely fine for your health! Unfortunately you are sure, that your plant is the only one safe, and noone [sic], apart from you can replicate it. Oh well.

To properly rest a thaumaturge like you needs 3 things - a nice house, and you should have one already, his smoking pipe and some tobacco. To properly make the tobacco a thaumaturge must grind the leaves of a plant. You might need a Pestle and Mortar to do so. You will also need your smoking pipe, but you do not want those mundane pipes, do you? You have discovered a way to properly infuse some Greatwood planks to make a perfect pipe. It is also good for your magic contact, since it has a Salis Mundus as one of it's [sic] components.

By smoking the most mundane tobacco thaumaturges do not gain much. But your tobacco is not so mundane, as is your pipe. You have a small chance to get rid of some Temporary warp by casually smoking it. You are sure, that you can do stuff with the tobacco to make it more efficent [sic], you just need to figure out - what. The tobaco [sic] is consumed in the process. The pipe chooses a first tobaco [sic] in a thaumaturge's pockets, the same way the bow chooses an arrow to shoot. A thaumaturge like you will also take some time to smoke - why the rush?
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