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Toast and Cat


Toast and Cat is a block added by AcademyCraft. It serves as a Creative-only infinite IF generator, providing for user to test in creative mode. As the name indicated, it has a reference to Toast and Cat Theory.


Right click Toast and Cat will let it automatically connect to a nearby node without typing node name and password. At this time player will receive a chat message with content "Linked to the node named [Node Name] meow~".
When it is running, it will rotate infinitely. When node reaches its energy capacity, Toast and Cat will stop working.
Right click again can toggle it off, and a chat message with content "Unlink from the node meow~" will pop up.


  • Though it doesn't looks like a block, Toast and Cat has a full block hitbox.
  • When Toast and Cat is placed in world, there will be 3x3 shadow at where it is placed.
  • This is a reference to the meme about creating a perpetual motion machine by attaching a piece of toast buttered side up to the back of a cat.