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Toast Control
Modicon toastcontrol.png
Current developersShadows_Of_Fire
Version1.16.5: 4.3.1
1.16.4: 4.3.1
1.16.3: 4.3.0
1.16.2: 4.2.0
1.16.1: 4.1.1
1.15.2: 3.0.1
1.15.1: 3.0.0
1.14.4: 2.2.0
1.14.3: 2.0.0
1.12.2: 1.8.1
1.12.1: 1.2.0
1.12: 1.2.0
Supported Minecraft versions1.12-1.16.5
Discord serverLink

Toast Control is a mod by Shadows_Of_Fire that allows the user to change which toasts get shown in-game. These are pop-ups that show up involving recipes, advancements, tutorials, and toggling the narrator.

By default, this mod disables the tutorial toasts and the recipe related toasts. In addition to disabling certain types of toasts, the mod also allows the player to change the appearance of toasts such as making their backgrounds translucent or transparent.

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