Tiny Potato

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Tiny Potato

Tooltip textPut it on Kickstarter, it'll work.

The Tiny Potato is a block added by Botania. When placed in the world, it can be right-clicked to spawn heart particles[1] and bounce around[2]. If renamed, it will have different effects. Naming it after Shia LaBeouf (case insensitive) will cause it to play LaBeouf's motivational "Do it!" sounds when right-clicked[3].

As an item, if it is renamed to a misspelling of Vazkii it will recite a modified version of the lyrics to That's Not My Name by The Ting Tings in the player's chat[4].

Six letter word just to get me along,
It's intricacy and I'm coding on my mod and I,
I keep fixin', and keepin' it together,
People around gotta find something to play now,
Holding back, every mod's the same,
Don't wanna be a loser,
Listen to me, oh no, I don't break anything at all,
But with nothing to consider they forget my name,
'ame, 'ame, 'ame,
They call me Vaskii,
They call me Vazki,
They call me Voskii,
They call me Vazkki,
That's not my name,
That's not my name,
That's not my name,
That's not my name


The names that are considered misspellings (case insensitive) are as follows[5]:

  • vaskii
  • vazki
  • voskii
  • vazkkii
  • vazkki
  • vazzki
  • vaskki
  • vozkii
  • vazkil
  • vaskil
  • vazkill
  • vaskill
  • vaski

Right clicking any side of the tiny potato with an item will make it hold said item. If it holds another tiny potato, it will insert "Don't talk to me or my son ever again." into the chat once the player right clicks it, whether the player is holding anything or not.


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  • The tooltip is most likely a reference to an infamous Kickstarter campaign asking for $10 USD to make a potato salad and ended up raising almost $45,500.