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This page is about the Timer from Project Red. For other uses, see Timer.

ModProject Red
TypeSolid block
Required modulesIntegration

The Timer is a redstone circuit added by Project Red. It is a logic gate for complex redstone circuits. When activated, it sends a redstone pulse from an adjustable clock (see Usage).



A Timer from "Project Red" with input and output sides indicated by WAILA

For an easier usage, NEI and WAILA could be installed, which show the input and output on the Timer.

The Timer has one input side, two IO (input/output) sides and one output side for red alloy cables, redstone, an adjacent circuit, machine, lamp or anything that can be controlled with redstone signals.

If there is no redstone signal on the input side, then the Timer transmits a redstone pulse on the output and the IO sides from an adjusted clock.

The clock can be configurated by right-clicking the Timer. Possible times range from 0.2 seconds (4 ticks, i.e. like a Redstone Repeater on maximum delay) to about 14400 seconds (4 hours) with an accuracy of 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds, i.e. 1 tick).

To interrupt the timer, a redstone signal must reach at least one of the input or IO sides.

Using the screwdriver from Project Red, the orientation of the gate can be changed freely in all four directions.

Config options

If the sounds of the gate are disturbing, they can be disabled in the "ProjectRed.cfg" configuration file (in the "config" folder):

"General Settings" {
    # If set to false, logic gates will not make sounds.
    B:"Logic Sounds"=true