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Thermoelectric Generator

ModImmersive Engineering
Max RF output256 RF/t
RF production0–93 RF/t

The Thermoelectric Generator is a power generation block added by Immersive Engineering. It can generate Immersive Flux (IF) or Redstone Flux (RF) based on the temperature difference of the blocks surrounding it. It does not have an internal energy buffer, so measurement devices like The One Probe or WAILA read 0 Flux.


A basic setup with Water and Lava source blocks

The high-temperature and low-temperature blocks need to be across from each other. The Thermoelectric Generator has enough faces for two block sets plus a connector. Three block sets works in theory, but it would only be practical if the player can extract the power without overriding a block face; thus, the theoretical maximum for power rate is 93 Flux/tick.

Power output

Power is given by the formula


is the output rate, in Flux/tick
is the temperature of the hotter block, in Kelvin
is the temperature of the colder block, in Kelvin
is an adjustment constant, defined in the config; defaults to 1

Below is a table of output rates for possible block pairings. Most values are measured in-game, and some are calculated (which need confirmation).

Power output (Flux/tick)
Hotter block
Blazing PyrotheumTF/BlutoniumBR Uranium/YelloriumBR Lava/Magma Ice/Water Packed Ice Blue Ice Gelid CryotheumTF
Colder block
Gelid CryotheumTF 31 22 17 7–8* 6–7* 5–6*
Blue Ice 30* 21 16 4 3
Packed Ice 30 20 16 2
Ice/Water 30 20 16
Lava Block 25* 13
Uranium/YelloriumBR 22

BR: From the Big Reactors mod
TF: From the Thermal Foundation mod
*: Values needing confirmation[citation needed]


FTB Infinity Evolved

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  • Power rates for Thermal Foundation and Big Reactors blocks are based off a Reddit post by user "SeriousCreeper", seen here, used with permission.