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This page is about the Thermal Expansion 1 mod for Minecraft versions 1.3.2 and below. For other versions of the mod, see Thermal Expansion.
Thermal Expansion
Modicon thermalexpansion.png
Past developersKingLemming and Zeldo
Supported Minecraft versions1.3.2
Previously depended onBuildCraft 2/3, for 1.2.5 versions
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Thermal Expansion (now referred to as Thermal Expansion 1) is a tech mod that expands the usage of Minecraft Joules (MJ) in your world. It adds machines that let you process resources, and ways to simplify resource gathering such as Snow and Cobblestone. Although it uses MJ, it does not provide a way of producing or transmitting it, so another mod such as BuildCraft or Forestry has to be used.

For Minecraft 1.4, Thermal Expansion added it's own form of MJ generation, as well as a method of transmission and storage, started generating it's own ores, and changed majority of the recipes to utilise the new materials. These changes became Thermal Expansion 2.

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