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This page is about the Thermal Centrifuge added by GregTech 5. For other uses, see Thermal Centrifuge.
Thermal Centrifuge

ModGregTech 5
TypeTile entity
Tooltip textSeparating Ores more precicely
Blast resistance10

The Thermal Centrifuge is a machine from GregTech 5. Its functioning is similar to its IC2 counterpart: it is used as a part of the ore processing chain, typically (though not always) on Purified Ores that have already been through an Ore Washing machine. Unlike the IC2 version it does not need to heat up prior to operation.

Note: The Thermal Centrifuge is an expensive energy consumer: it is one of the only two non-multiblock processing machines which may demand more than 1A. It consumes 2A by default, which is still lower than 3A of Arc Furnace.


Like every electric machine in GregTech 5, the Thermal Centrifuge comes in 5 variants, one for each voltage from Low to Insane.

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