The One Probe Read Me

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The One Probe Read Me

ModThe One Probe

The The One Probe Read Me is an item added by The One Probe. Right-clicking it will open it.

Things you should know about The One Probe

This mod can show a tooltip on screen when you look at a block or an entity

It will also state if The One Probe is configured to be required to show information, not required, or just required to see extended information. This property can also be changed directly from The One Probe Read Me.

Shift right-clicking The One Probe Read Me will allow for configuration related to The One Probe's visuals. The corner it displays in can be changed, along with the style (default, WAILA style, transparent style, or black and white style) and the size of the display.


"The One Probe"

"name" = ""Navbox The One Probe""