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This page is about the mod named The One Probe. For the item, see The One Probe (Item).
The One Probe
Current developersMcJty
Version1.16.5: 3.0.7
1.16.4: 3.0.7
1.16.3: 3.0.7
1.16.2: 3.0.4-beta
1.16.1: 3.0.1-beta
1.15.2: 2.0.7
1.14.4: 1.4.37
1.14.3: 1.4.31-alpha
1.14.2: 1.4.30-alpha
1.14.1: 1.4.29.beta
1.12.2: 1.4.28
1.12.1: 1.4.19
1.12: 1.4.18
1.11.2: 1.1x
1.11: 1.1x
1.10.2: 1.1x
1.10: 1.0.15
1.9.4: 1.0.15
1.9: 0.0.1beta3
Supported Minecraft versions1.9-1.16.5
Most Packs

The One Probe is a mod created by McJty. It adds an item called The One Probe, as well as a few upgrades for it. When held in the hand, The One Probe gives information on the block or entity the user points it at in an on-screen tooltip in the upper left corner. This includes the name, the mod that adds it, harvestability, health, energy, and many other attributes.

The One Probe is inspired by WAILA, and designed to be a more immersive version of it. The option needsProbe, toggled in The One Probe's config file, determines whether or not the item is needed to view the information.

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"The One Probe"

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